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Formed in 2014 by a group of jugglers with professional Juggler Tomohiro Kobayashi playing the central role. 

All members of the group have won many awards both domestically and overseas, and the group creates works which take advantage of those skills.
Their original performance “Musical juggling” has been highly praised and a video posted on Instagram surpassed 4 million views.
In 2024, Kuutenkidou performed on America’s Got Talent and received a standing ovation from an audience of 3,000 people.

Profile (pdf) download JPN/ENG


America’s Got Talent Season19
Tokyo Official Street Artist License

Daidogei World cup in Shizuoka

Hitachi International Daidogei Festival

Atsugi International Daidogei Festival

Japan Juggling Festival GALA

Kanto Juggling Festival GALA

Busan Dynamic Street
City of Wings Ypres 

Lenzburger Busking and Streetartfestival

Lokeren Parktheater Festival

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