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"Flying Theater Extra Vol.1 Mochi Talk SP"


Date: 7/26 (Tue.) 19:30 start (18:30 opening, 90 minutes scheduled)

Venue: Old book cafe Kushamanbe

Price: 1000 yen + 1 drink system

Starring: Yusaku Mochizuki, Tomohiro Kobayashi

* Limited to the first 20 people


Yusaku Mochizuki, the main guest, and Tomohiro Kobayashi, a 10-minute talk corner held as a special project at the well-received "Sky Train Theater Vol.7", "Mochi Talk".

This time, the venue will be moved to the old book cafe Kushamanbe, and the two will share what they were unable to talk about in the limited time they had.


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